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Published on - 26 Jan 2012 @ 05:23:59 AM

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Checkers, is a form of the draughts board game played on an 8*8 board with 12 pieces on each side that may only initially move and capture diagonally forwards. Only when a piece is "kinged" may it move backwards or forwards. Also if there is a chance or series of chances for capturing, the player is forced to do so


1. Any colored side may play first which is a deviation from the standard rule that balck plays first and then the black pieces are altered between players.
2. Ordinary pieces can move only forward diagonally.
3. "Kinged" pieces can move backwards or forward diagonally.
4. A piece has to reach other end to be "kinged".
5. If there is a chance or series of chances for capturing, the player is forced to do so.
6. A win occurs for a player when his opponent in his later turn does not have any legal move.
7. A draw occurs when there is no difference in relative advantage for the two players over 40 moves. This is a rule slightly altered for our purpose


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