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Hi I'm Vinod Sebastian - BTech, MCom, MBA

I am a Web Architect by Profession and an Artist by Nature. I love empowering People, aligning to Processes and delivering Projects

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Published on - 26 Jan 2012 @ 05:38:19 AM

View my Iframe Content - Pong

Pong is a two player game where the players hit the ball back and forth with a bat (paddle). The objective is to ensure that the ball beats the opponents bat




1 Bat moves up or down along with the mouse.
2 Angle of the ball can be altered by hitting various points of the paddle with edges giving higher angles.
3 Ball also speeds up the longer the ball is in volley.
4 To serve at an vAngle move the mouse along that direction.
5 Player who reaches 10 points first wins

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