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Hi I'm Vinod Sebastian, PRINCE2

Welcome to my personal website --- I am a Web Architect by Profession and an Artist by Nature. I would love you all to visit my website as often and would like to know more about you.

        Welcome to my personal website  --- I am a IT Professional by Profession and an Artist by Nature. I would love you all to visit my website as often and would like to know more about you.I am an Indian, born in a city --- Cochin; a place known as the Queen of Arabian Sea. It is in a part of the world, Kerala; better known as Gods Own Country. My life has been centered on this Sea City.

       I am an engineer (B.Tech) who graduated in Computer Science and Technology from Thangal Kunju Musaliar Engineering College (TKM --- Kerala University), Kollam in the year 2005. I went to do Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management from XLRI (PGCBM), Jamshedpur through its satellite course in 2011.  Same year I did Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management (PGCPM) from IGNOU through distance learning.Later I completed Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations (PGDIBO) from the same university in the same mode. On July 2013 I became a PRINCE2 certified registered practicioner after completing foundation and practicioner project management exams. To fortify my technical prowess I went on to complete ZCE (PHP), OCJP (Java), ISTQB (Testing) ODSCE (Oracle Database) and MCP (C#) certifications

       Tata Consultancy Services was my first company where I worked for more than three years mainly in Quality Assurance. During the tenure I played various roles like Team Member, Module Lead, Security and Training coordinator. Subsequently I switched to Development and worked mostly as Technical Lead for around two years. I also worked as Project Manager for three years working initially with Diff Technology and then Admod Technologies Pvt Ltd . These days I run a co-founded company  called 'OurCompany' which caters to European MNC clients. In this organisation I work as Director - Technology.  We satisfy CRM, E-Commerce and other IT needs and it has already spanned more than 3 enjoyable years.

       I am well versed in Java, PHP and ASP.NET with C# and few others at server side; HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery at client side; Photoshop and Wireframes in design and Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MS SQL in database. I have been involved in various types of Testing, QA and SEO. I am not a nerd but I am comfortable with Linux. I keep interest in Finance, Data Structures, Algorithms, Design Patterns, Software Security, Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence.

       Beyond academic career I am quite serious about Mathematics and had an opportunity to be one of the top ranked in Regional Mathematics Olympiad, Kerala and had an opportunity to participate in Indian National Mathematical Olympiad. I am also a certified Math Tutor and tutored some kids in US which was very heart warming.

      Do I look like a nerd? Well, I am far from it. I always make time for friends and family and am looking to add more friends. I am really proud of great people I am surrounded with and would love to be known as someone who had knack of meeting the right people and could bring out the best from them. In the end life or business is a realisation of shared cherished dream.

       Finally little about what I do in my spare time. I hear music, watch movies, travel, play table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis and make some wonderful games in JavaScript. I feel I am an Artist by passion and love penning to the core. It gives me an opportunity to make protagonists, help save beautiful ladies and travel in cosmos: D. I am a voracious reader and love eating anything that does not bite back.

       One day I wish to write something good for a large number of people and meanwhile let me enjoy in the delights of today.Goodbye. Make yourself comfortable in my virtual world and keep visiting ...

Vinod Sebastian

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I have developed three more personal sites out of interest. I will be able to showcase these sites locally in my computer along with code if requested. These were live in internet but they were made offline as I got busy with other tasks. JokesRFun was developed in PHP whereas EMaths and ArtLitGames were developed in C# ...
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