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The site provides some rough IT Notes that make your life easier. The site currently has notes on HTML, CSS, Regex, OOPS, JS, JQuery, PHP, Java, ASP.NET, C#, Database, Linux, URL Rewrite, SEO, Project Management and Hosting. Please do share this site if you like.


  • System.Threading
  • Thread t = new Thread(fn);   //Here in actuality we pass delegate
  • A threads IsAlive property returns true, until the point where the thread ends
  • A separate copy of the local variable is created on each thread's memory stack
  • Threads share data if they have a common reference to the same object instance
  • Static fields offer another way to share data between threads
  • Thread safety where output is deterministic
  • The remedy is to obtain an exclusive lock while reading and writing to the common field
  • When two threads simultaneously contend a lock (in this case, locker), one thread waits, or blocks, until the lock becomes available
  • So critical section is entered only one at a time
  • While waiting on a Sleep (the current thread waits for specific time) or Join (other threads wait), a thread is blocked and so does not consume CPU resources.
  • Join returns true if the thread ended or false if it timed out
  • Sleep(0) relinquishes the threads current time slice immediately to CPU and Yield function to processes on same processor

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