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The site provides some rough IT Notes that make your life easier. The site currently has notes on HTML, CSS, Regex, OOPS, JS, JQuery, PHP, Java, ASP.NET, C#, Database, Linux, URL Rewrite, SEO, Project Management and Hosting. Please do share this site if you like.


  • the object literal notation of JavaScript

var myJSONObject = {key1: value1, key2: value2, key3:

[{key4: value4, key5: value5},

{key4: value6, key5: value7},

{key4: value8, key5: value9},


myJSONObject.key3 [0].key5               //value5

var myObject = eval('(' + myJSONtext + ')');

var myObject = JSON.parse(myJSONtext, reviver);

JSON versus Eval

  • security issues
  • faster

var myJSONText = JSON.stringify(myObject, replacer);

  • JSON does not support cyclic data structures   

typeof value                     //To get typeof

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