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Streams and Network Programing



File opening modes

  • r,w,a where r represents read, w represents wrrite, a represents append.
  • + will make it both read and write.
  • a makes file pointer point to the end which is otherwise at beginning.s
  • w additionally truncates filesize to 0
  • x creates a new file

if (!file_exist ("filename.txt"))


throw new Exception ("The file does not exists");


$file = fopen("filename.txt", "r");

while (!feof($file))


$txt .= fread($file, 1);            //Last parameter number of bytes. fgets() stops at newline character

fwrite($file, $txt);



//This will move file pointer by itself. The second parametter is the number of bytes to be moved (neagtive or positive) and third is the loaction from where to move - SEEK_SET (start), SEEK_CUR (current) and SEEK_END (end)


  • fgetcsv() and fputcsv() vastly simplify the task of accessing CSV files.
  • file_get_contents() and file_put_contents() simply file writing


  • chdir("path") - changes directory path
  • getcwd() - gets current working directory
  • mkdir ("path", 0666, true); The second parameter gives access mode and last if set to true any missing directories in path will be created. Normally last directory is created.
  • is_dir()—Checks if the path is a directory
  • • is_executable()—Checks if the path is executable
  • • is_file()—Checks if the path exists and is a regular file
  • • is_link()—Checks if the path exists and is a symlink
  • • is_readable()—Checks if the path exists and is readable
  • • is_writable()—Checks if the path exists and is writable
  • • is_uploaded_file()—Checks if the path is an uploaded file (sent via HTTP POST)
  • File permissions on UNIX systems can be changedby using chmod(), chgrp() and chown() where path and access mode provided


  • Simple Network Access can be done by uing some of the file functions
  • You can create socket servers and clients using the stream functions stream_socket_server() and stream_socket_client()
  • Stream filters allow you to pass data in and out of a stream through a series of filters that can alter it dynamically like say filter for compression

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