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Hi I'm Vinod Sebastian, PRINCE2

I am a Web Architect by Profession and an Artist by Nature. I love empowering People, aligning to Processes and delivering Projects

  +91 9846854122
  28/1790C, Amala Bhavan Rd, Cochin, India - 682020
  Passport Number is L5672810

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OPEN. I am seeking an extremely challenging technical and (or) managerial opportunity. I am willing to relocate if necessary.


I am a PRINCE2 certified, full stack, technically versatile and process driven entrepreneur with total of ~10 years of IT experience. I have been researching, architecting and managing projects for last ~6 years.

I currently work as Director - Technology at OurCompany (Co-Founder), which facilitates IT operation of Multinational companies. This is my fourth year in this role.

My dream is to utilize information systems, to enhance and add value to human effort, by micro managing myself and macro managing diverse teams.



AS OF: JULY 2018

My Sites
I had developed 3 personal sites. I will be able to showcase these sites locally in my computer along with code if requested. They were live in internet but were taken off-line when I got busy with other tasks. JokesRFun was developed in PHP whereas EMaths and ArtLitGames were developed in C#...
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Mail : me[at]
Mob : (IND) +91 9846[eight]54[one]22
Skype : vinod.mannooparambil