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Hi I'm Vinod Sebastian, PRINCE2

Welcome to my personal website --- I am a Web Architect by Profession and an Artist by Nature. I would love you all to visit my website as often and would like to know more about you.


I am a PRINCE2 certified Full Stack, Technology Versatile and Process Driven Director - Technology (IT) with total 10+yrs IT experience I have spend last 5+yrs researching, architecting and managing projects. I have acquired ZCE (PHP 5.3), MCP (C#, Visual Studio 2012), OCJP(Java 6), ODSCE (Oracle Database 11g), ISTQB Foundation (Testing) technology certifications. I have also completed B.Tech (TKM) and MBA (XLRI) and have additional diplomas in Project Management and International Business Operations from IGNOU.

I currently works as Director - Technology at OurCompany (Co-Founder) which facilitates IT operations of Multinational companies. This is my fourth year in this role.

My dream is to utilize information systems, to enhance and add value to human effort, by micro managing myself and macro managing diverse teams.


  • 5+ yrs IT Management
  • 10+ yrs IT Professional
  • Qualifications :
    • Post Graduate Diploma in International Business Operations
    • Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management
    • Post Graduate Certificate in General Management
    • Bachelor of Engineering Majoring in Computers
  • Certifications :
    • PRINCE2 Practicioner
    • OCJP (Java 6)
    • ZCE (PHP 5.3)
    • MCP (C#, Visual Studio 2012)
    • OCSDE (Oracle Database 11g)
    • ISTQB Foundation (Testing)
  • I am looking to work in extremely challenging technology role as I am planning to move to an Advisory – Technology role in my present organisation. Please send JD to vinod.mannooparambil[at]

Some Private Work Samples


Why should I be a PM in your company?

  • PRINCE2 certified with 5 years in project management role
  • Managed technologically heterogeneous teams for multiple clients
  • Sound process knowledge and ability including but not limited to managing risk, change and stages
  • Managed Fixed Price Projects and Time and Material Projects
  • Expertise in Resource Planning, Recruitment, Mentoring
  • Working knowledge of SDLC methodologies like Agile and Waterfall and approaches like Top-Down, Bottom-Up
  • Knowledge of Lean and Scrum processes
  • Proven Analytical, Business, Communication, Presentation and Documentation Skills
  • Excellent technical skills in client / server / database / QA technologies with ability to architect and implement Large, Scalable and Multi-Tier Secure IT System in JAVA or PHP or .NET
  • Have functional knowledge of CRM, E-Commerce, Finance, Logistics, HR, Educational and AI domains

Can I handle technology (Technical Expertise) ?

If you are a recruiter and want a good technical introduction to myself please peruse the website IT Made Easy an IT tutorial on some technical areas of my expertise

PHP / MySQL / WordPress PHP Life Cycle Expert
Java / DB2 Java Life Cycle Intermediate
ASP.NET / C# / MS SQL .NET Life Cycle Intermediate
Basic HTML / Basic CSS Web Page Development Expert
JavaScript / JQuery / JSON Frontend Scripting Expert
Manual Testing / QC Quality Assurance Expert
UX Design (Wire Frames) / SEO User Experience / SEO Intermediate
XML / SOAP / REST / API / Payment Gateway/
Social Interaction
Third Party Interactions Intermediate
OOP / MVC / Algorithm / Data Structure/
Architecture / Systems Intermediate

Domains I have exposure?

  • E-commerce
  • Banking, Finance and Cards
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory Management System
  • Artificial intelligence

I am always ready to learn new domains ...

More ...



My Sites
I have developed three more personal sites out of interest. I will be able to showcase these sites locally in my computer along with code if requested. These were live in internet but they were made offline as I got busy with other tasks. JokesRFun was developed in PHP whereas EMaths and ArtLitGames were developed in C# ...
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Mail : me[at]
Mob : +91 ZZZ6854122
Skype : vinod.mannooparambil